La Corte del Re  -  Via Borgunto, 5 - 52100 Arezzo    C.F. GNNFNC55M55F628O   P.I. 01695960516   Tel. +39+0575.401603    Fax. +39+0575.296720 Designed by A.D. Studio Location In the heart of the city of Arezzo, the old building of "La Corte del Re" overlooks the beautiful Piazza Grande, the narrow streets that branch off between medieval and antique shops, just steps from the most 'great works of our history of 'art.  From the train station heading off to Italy Corso until you reach via a silk factory we overlook the square, where the far right corner, next to the well, we Borgunto street and the entrance of "La Corte del Re”. Holiday Home