La Corte del Re  -  Via Borgunto, 5 - 52100 Arezzo    C.F. GNNFNC55M55F628O   P.I. 01695960516   E-mail: Tel. +39+0575.401603    Fax. +39+0575.296720 Designed by A.D. Studio Rooms Immersed in the enchanting setting of Piazza Grande your stay at La Corte del Re will make special and unforgettable time spent in this charming town and out of time, where you can enjoy the monuments and unforgettable sights of the medieval streets. The hospitality that will welcome you as you wrap the warmth of environments with the stones and the care dedicated to every little detail will make your stay pleasant and memorable one. Pietro Aretino Luca Signorelli Michelangelo Piero della Francesca Guido Monaco Francesco Petrarca Gaio Cilnio Mecenate Margarito Masaccio Holiday Home